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Construction machinery field
In modern society, more and more large-scale construction machinery is put into construction projects. The production process of construction machinery is also very strict. A large number of robot automatic production lines are used to ensure product quality and production efficiency.
The application of AGV industrial robot creates a good environmental condition, which helps construction machinery manufacturing enterprises to carry out all-round, dynamic and fine monitoring of the overall production environment. Large heavy duty AGV is used to connect the assembly stations of the production line in series to realize the whole intelligent scheduling from online to offline. The operation of each AGV is controlled by the general control system, and the backstage division of labor is orderly and automatic coordination. The control system accepts MES production scheduling instructions and adjusts transportation routes flexibly. AGV flexible intelligent assembly line solutions help enterprises build intelligent unmanned production workshops, improve capacity efficiency and enhance core competitiveness.
Intelligent, efficient and accurate

Under the background of intelligence and information technology, it will be a general trend to use automation equipment to improve efficiency and reduce labor input. AGV has high efficiency and economic benefits for material transportation.

Our AGV adopts permanent magnet synchronous (PMSM) servo wheel, with high precision encoder, precise control. The whole handling process is analyzed, and the AGV handling route is reasonably planned to reduce the distance and loading and unloading times. AGV car can be directly transported from the material temporary storage area to the designated station, saving the handling time, greatly improving the production efficiency of enterprises.

Suitable for AGV in the Construction machinery field
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