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Generator manufacturing field
Generator set is a common generating equipment in daily life. The use of generator set brings convenience to people's life. The generator production workshop generally has a large number of process processing and handling, a large number of long-distance material handling, a variety of material conveying operations and so on.
Heavy AGVs transfer heavy equipment and transport from indoor assembly lines to outdoor storage yards during the production and manufacturing of generators. AGV automatic handling system, more suitable for heavy equipment objects, through the background control, to achieve material access, transport, automatic unmanned operation, instead of manual material handling work, each process more closely connected, completely changed the traditional mode of operation. After the AGV handling robot is put into use, the daily operation is stable, effectively reduce labor costs, improve productivity, but also optimize the operation process, for the enterprise to improve quality and efficiency.
Intelligent, efficient and accurate

Under the background of intelligence and information technology, it will be a general trend to use automation equipment to improve efficiency and reduce labor input. AGV has high efficiency and economic benefits for material transportation.

Our AGV adopts permanent magnet synchronous (PMSM) servo wheel, with high precision encoder, precise control. The whole handling process is analyzed, and the AGV handling route is reasonably planned to reduce the distance and loading and unloading times. AGV car can be directly transported from the material temporary storage area to the designated station, saving the handling time, greatly improving the production efficiency of enterprises.

Suitable for AGV in the Generator manufacturing field
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