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Logistics fields
Logistics enterprises often face the problems of low space utilization, low sorting efficiency and high labor cost. In addition, the large number of parcels and various destinations bring great challenges to the accuracy of delivery. As an automatic device, AGV can realize the unmanned operation of material handling, which is widely used in the field of logistics.
SIMANC intelligent handling AGV walks in accordance with the path set by the program to complete the production task. It can be associated with the production management control system, automatic logistics system and information automatic control system to realize the network flow of information and real-time monitoring of production operations. It has the advantages of fast, efficient, flexible, safe and controllable, shortening the product flow time. Reduce material consumption, reduce the area, reduce construction investment, greatly improve the efficiency of the logistics industry. At present, the application of industrial robots in the logistics industry mainly focuses on the palletizing, unpacking, handling and other links.
Intelligent, efficient and accurate

Under the background of intelligence and information technology, it will be a general trend to use automation equipment to improve efficiency and reduce labor input. AGV has high efficiency and economic benefits for material transportation.

Our AGV adopts permanent magnet synchronous (PMSM) servo wheel, with high precision encoder, precise control. The whole handling process is analyzed, and the AGV handling route is reasonably planned to reduce the distance and loading and unloading times. AGV car can be directly transported from the material temporary storage area to the designated station, saving the handling time, greatly improving the production efficiency of enterprises.

Suitable for AGV in the Logistics fields
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