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Machinery manufacturing field
Agvs are known for their efficiency, accuracy and flexibility in manufacturing applications. Multiple AGVs can form a flexible logistics handling system, and the handling route can be adjusted in time with the adjustment of the production process, greatly improving the flexibility of production and production efficiency of enterprises.
Using AGV robots to replace artificial production is the development trend of manufacturing industry, is the basis of intelligent manufacturing, and is also a strong guarantee for the realization of industrial automation, digitalization and intelligence in the future.
Compared with the traditional production workshop operation, the application of AGV trolley realizes the automation, precision and flexibility of the material supply, loading and unloading of the production line, and the transportation of the cache warehouse, which greatly liberates the labor intensity of the operators, reduces the labor cost, and improves the overall work efficiency.
Intelligent, efficient and accurate

Under the background of intelligence and information technology, it will be a general trend to use automation equipment to improve efficiency and reduce labor input. AGV has high efficiency and economic benefits for material transportation.

Our AGV adopts permanent magnet synchronous (PMSM) servo wheel, with high precision encoder, precise control. The whole handling process is analyzed, and the AGV handling route is reasonably planned to reduce the distance and loading and unloading times. AGV car can be directly transported from the material temporary storage area to the designated station, saving the handling time, greatly improving the production efficiency of enterprises.

Suitable for AGV in the Machinery manufacturing field
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