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School-enterprise cooperation to cultivate talents | The signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Senior vocational and technical Middle School and Shandong of Wenshang and Shandong SIMANC Technology Co. LTD was successfully held

On November 29, Senior vocational and technical Middle School and Shandong of Wenshang and Shandong SIMANC Technology Co. LTD held the signing ceremony of school-enterprise cooperation, to promote the close cooperation between production, education and research, and achieve the goal of school-enterprise cooperation and integration of production and education.



The signing activity was held in Shandong SIMANC Technology Co., LTD. The signing ceremony was presided over by Zhou Lisha, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and Minister of United Front Work Department. The attendees of the ceremony were: Li Hong, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee, Minister of the Publicity Department and deputy county Governor; Ge Hu, deputy county governor of the County government; Long Maoyi, executive deputy director of the County Customs Working Committee; Li Fukun, principal of the County Advanced Vocational and Technical School; Lin Yi, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Zhongdu Sub-district and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Trade and Logistics Development Center; Guo Yongxu, chairman of Shandong SIMANC Technology Co., LTD.; Zheng Maobin, member of the Party Working Group of the County Education and Sports Bureau; County senior vocational and technical school vice president Meng Qingxue.



County Party Committee, United Front Work Department Minister Zhou Lisha presided over the signing ceremony



Li Hong, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee, Minister of the Publicity Department and deputy County Governor, delivered a speech


County Magistrate Li expressed warm congratulations on the successful cooperation between the two sides! She mentioned that our county is in a crucial period of accelerating the transformation of old and new drivers. The county Party committee and government stick to the industrial development and manufacturing strength, constantly optimize the industrial structure, vigorously cultivate the phalanx of strong enterprises, speed up the construction of distinctive pillar industry system, and forcefully break through the construction of manufacturing strength county.


Li expressed the hope that the county high vocational school and SIMANC Technology Co., Ltd. can further emancipate the mind, open up ideas, expand cooperation areas, establish long-term cooperative relations, promote the cooperation between schools and enterprises, the integration of industry and education to a higher level of development, for the county's economic and social development




School-enterprise cooperation signing site


Mr. Li Fukun, President of Wenchuan County Advanced Vocational and Technical School, and Mr. Guo Yongxu, president of Shandong SIMANC Technology Co., Ltd. signed the cooperation agreement at the signing table. The two sides will actively explore a new path to combine production, university and research to achieve a win-win situation between enterprise development and education deepening. New and greater contribution!



Li Fukun, principal of Wenchuan County Senior vocational and technical School, spoke



County customs work Committee executive deputy director Comrade Long Maoyi make speech



Shandong SIMANC Technology Co., LTD. Chairman of Comrade Guo Yongxu make speech


Chairman Guo Yongxu introduced the original intention of cooperation and thanked all parties for the successful signing of the school-enterprise cooperation. SIMANC as a new recruit of the new strategy of our county, will actively cooperate with the training of scientific and technological talents, take out good resources, fill high quality energy, use the existing modern equipment to train a batch of professional and technical talents.


For the cause of education, Huali Mechanical and electrical and SIMANC two companies into great energy, but also for our county education made every bit of achievements. As early as 2012, the company sponsored all the students in Guolou town who had received university admission letters but could not afford the tuition fees. For several years in a row, it also supported four of the 100 poor students from the Youth League County Committee until they graduated from college.


Every year for college entrance examination and high school entrance examination, the company has contributed an emergency generator set to each school, which has lasted for 7 years. This year, in order to better guarantee the normal power supply of each school, the company donated 5 generators free of charge. At the same time, the county government, the county Party school and the county Civil affairs Bureau donated generator sets, and also prepared an emergency generator for epidemic prevention shelter rescue in our county, ready to put into the electricity protection work.









Guests visit SIMANC 5G smart factory


Schools are places for learning theoretical knowledge, while enterprises are places for practical theoretical knowledge. Only school-enterprise cooperation can cultivate practical high-skilled professional and technical personnel. The successful holding of the signing ceremony will realize the organic combination and optimal allocation of school and enterprise resources, cultivate more and more excellent highly skilled talents, and lay a talent foundation for the economic takeoff of Wenchuan County.