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Exploring the most dazzling "Worker" in Jining The intelligent stronger of the remover
Zhu Xianping, poster reporter, Dazhong, Zhengzhou, and Wang Shuang, Jining

"The heavy transport robot can carry up to 10 tons and can travel in all directions." March 26, located in Wenshang County, Jining City, Shandong SIMANC Technology Co., LTD., the staff is testing the heavy transport robot, "people standing in front of the intelligent heavy load moving robot, it will stop transportation, to ensure safety."



The crew is debugging a heavy-duty transport robot


Shandong SIMANC Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shandong Huali Mechanical and Electrical Co., LTD., mainly developing heavy-duty omnidirectional AGV and AMR, covering from 200KG to 60 tons, supporting mainstream navigation modes such as magnetic navigation and SLAM laser navigation, and supporting 5G communication technology. According to Guo Dongjin of Shandong Huali Mechanical and Electrical Co., LTD., the machine being tested has a 360° scanning of laser obstacle avoidance around the body diagonal (non-contact anti-collision), anti-collision adhesive around the ring car (contact anti-collision), music warning when driving, three-color lights, emergency stop button emergency protection and other five safety protection, to ensure the safety of driving.


"Sinotruk cold chain car body new workshop is currently using our company's AGV intelligent heavy-load moving robot, which can not only improve the efficiency of car body moving, but also increase the capacity of cold chain car body." Li Jing, sales manager of Shandong Simanc Technology Co., LTD., said that Sinotruk cold chain car body new workshop using four AGV intelligent moving robots, the formation of streamline operation, efficiency increased by more than 10 times.


In addition, Shandong Simanc Technology Co., Ltd. has also assembled traction magnetic navigation AGV for Heze Yuluo Electronic Technology Co., LTD., responsible for the transportation of finished products to the testing area. A robot can save 4 people's labor every day, and can pay back the cost in less than a year, with a service life of as long as 10 years. Now, the two sides are in active communication on the second cooperation.



Transport robots operate autonomously in the workshop


It is understood that Shandong Huali Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. takes technology and innovation as the core, and is committed to providing solutions for warehousing and logistics integration of smart factories. The company's products include: logistics management system, storage equipment, moving equipment, transportation system, etc. The company's storage equipment includes: multi-layer shuttle warehouse, two-direction AGV, four-direction AGV and three-dimensional picking system.


Shandong Huali Electromechanical Co., LTD. 's heavy-duty handling robot relies on Shandong province's developed manufacturing industry and heavy industry based market advantages. By combining AGV local edge computing with server cloud, taking full advantage of the opportunity of the progressive improvement of 5G network and taking heavy-duty AGV as the product basis, the application restrictions of commercial robots in industrial environment are solved, and an AGV system featuring swarm intelligence, strong interconnection, high load, high precision, wide adaptation and high flexibility is constructed. To meet the multiple needs of automatic storage, logistics, production and management in the manufacturing industry, the company will achieve an operating revenue of 490.51 million yuan in 2021.