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Warm congratulations on the successful opening ceremony of Shandong SIMANC and the 11th anniversary celebration of Shandong Huali Mechanical and Electrical Factory



On the morning of July 17, 2022, the opening ceremony of Shandong SIMANC Technology Co., Ltd. and the 11th anniversary celebration of Shandong Huali Electromechanical Co., Ltd. were held. Zhang County Magistrate of the County government, Administrative Committee of the Development Zone, responsible comrades of Zhongdu Street and Nanzhan Street, leaders of Huasheng (Qingdao) Intelligent Technology Co., LTD., Jiangsu Zhongyi Intelligent iot Technology Co., LTD., Shandong Tianyi Machinery Co., LTD., Guangxi Yuchai Ship Electric Power Co., LTD., etc., attended the celebration.

According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, the main venue of the celebration was set up in SIMANC Company, and the online video was broadcast to each sub-venue simultaneously. Guests who were not present due to the impact of the epidemic could participate in the celebration by watching the video live broadcast, and jointly witness this great moment.








The main venue of Shandong SIMANC Technology Co., LTD






Branch venue of Shandong Huali Electromechanical Co., LTD


Guo Yongxu, chairman of Shandong Huali Electromechanical Co., LTD., delivered a speech




Mr. Guo Yongxu, chairman of Shandong Huali Mechanical and Electrical Co., LTD., delivered a speech and extended a warm welcome to all the guests attending the ceremony. Guo Dong mentioned that Shandong SIMANC Technology Co., Ltd. was finally completed and put into operation today under the strong support of Secretary Gao, County Governor Li and other county departments. The first phase of the project will build a new high-standard workshop of 70000 square meters, and the second phase of the project to be built will build a high-standard "staff home" style workshop of 106,000 square meters, which is expected to be completed and put into operation today next year. Guo Dong summed up the development and achievements of Huali Mechanical and electrical company from 2011 to now, he pointed out that Huali mechanical and electrical sales revenue from only 100 million yuan, through ten years of hard work to achieve sales revenue of 680 million yuan in 20 years, the product is constantly updated, new technology and new products continue to emerge, and has been a good market application. Guo Dong said that with the completion and opening of the new factory of SIMANC Company, we have the determination, confidence and confidence to make the robot industry stronger and bigger, with excellent results, to return the leaders, customers, suppliers and friends of the strong support.

Opening ceremony




Mr. Zhang delivered a speech




Guo Dongjin, chairman of Shandong SIMANC, delivered a speech




Guo introduced SIMANC's main products, intelligent storage equipment and intelligent logistics equipment. Intelligent logistics equipment is mainly handling robots, including standard all-directional heavy-duty handling robots, traction series products, outdoor laser navigation robots, the second category of products is four-way shuttle warehouse. General Manager Guo said that SIMANC company adhere to the lead of science and technology and independent research and development, has carried out industry-university-research cooperation with Peking University, Shandong University and Guangzhou Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. After years of technology accumulation, the company has mature technology in the independent research and development, manufacturing, engineering design, project implementation and other aspects of AGV system, which brings more flexible solutions for customers and quickly meets the personalized needs of users.

Awards for innovative projects




Sun Weimin, deputy general manager of Providence Machinery Shares, delivers a speech




Li Manyu, general manager of Shandong Huali Electromechanical, delivered a speech




Mr. Li mentioned that Huali Electromechanical has built a big data management platform through 11 years of hard development, from less than 100 employees to 308 today, namely: Huali independent research and development of intelligent office ERP system management platform; Two domestic service centers, namely: 20,000kw national standard generator set test platform service center and cloud service center; Three product chains, namely: power supply market products, environmental protection and energy saving products, anti-killing and anti-epidemic products; At the same time, it has more than 100 product patents and technical patents, which lays a solid foundation for Huali to steady and fast fly, crisscrossing multiple fields of the market. In the future, Huali will deeply cultivate the domestic big industry customer market, and expand the foreign big projects forever. Enter the mixed energy micro-power station; Energy storage power stations; New energy vehicle power station; 5g base station power supply; And agricultural irrigation wind-wind complementary power supply and other new energy fields.

Yijianing, deputy general manager of Yuchai Ship Electric Power, delivered a speech




Strategic cooperation agreement signing ceremony








Unveiling ceremony of 100 thinnest shuttle robots in the world




With the successful opening ceremony, Shandong SIMANC Technology Co., Ltd. opened a new chapter of development. Under the leadership of the company and all concerned about the development of SIMANC under the support of people from all walks of life, SIMANC company will forge ahead with determination, innovation, the robot industry stronger and bigger.