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Shandong SIMANC: Carry the load · Follow your heart

"The automated container carrier being assembled can carry up to 33 tons, store 45 kilowatt-hours of electricity and run for six hours without a stop." On March 26, in the newly built high-standard factory building of Shandong SIMANC Technology Co., LTD., the two-meter-high automatic container carrier looks like a giant, which looks like a heavy-duty truck, a heavy-duty AGV being developed by the company. Guo Dongjin, chairman of the company, introduced: "AGV is an automatic guided transport vehicle, which can make items move with the 'core'."




In this workshop, in addition to the automatic container transport vehicle, there are a number of AGV such as heavy omnidirectional AGV, heavy omnidirectional jacking AGV, heavy unmanned AGV walking back and forth in the planned area for testing; In a corner of the high-density automated three-dimensional warehouse, under the control of technical personnel, two AGVs constantly shuttle between the shelves, forward, backward, left and right, while carrying the goods to walk, and then put the goods down and walk, two AGVs will "politely" to avoid each other when they meet.




"Our company's name is SIMANC, which is the transliteration of the English SIMANC, meaning super intelligent manufacturing. We hope to break new ground in intelligent handling robots and high-density automated three-dimensional warehouses." Guo Dongjin introduced that the company relies on the unique advantages of developed manufacturing and heavy industry in Shandong Province, and uses 5G network technology to develop intelligent handling robots to meet the multiple needs of automatic storage, logistics, production and management in the manufacturing industry.


It is understood that Shandong SIMANC Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shandong Huali Mechanical and Electrical Co., LTD. The company seize the opportunity of intelligent manufacturing, give full play to the advantages in hydraulic, power, system control and so on, set up a special R & D team, R & D heavy-duty handling robot and high-density automated three-dimensional warehouse. Guo Dongjin introduced that the heavy-duty omnidirectional handling robot they developed has a high load, up to 33 tons, and the use of magnetic navigation, vision and laser navigation, the product has a high load, omnidirectional handling, do not need to turn and other characteristics, can be widely used in the manufacturing industry material heavy, large volume, small space, narrow channel and other scenes. The high-density four-way garage developed is composed of four-way shuttle, elevator and shelf, which reduces the access to goods, increases the storage density by 2 times, and greatly improves the utilization rate of land.




At present, the company has achieved cooperation with Tangshan Bank, Sinotruk, Shengdai (Japan), Farrand and other companies, and the products are welcomed by the market.


"Sinotruk Ji 'nan Special Vehicle Co., LTD., the original cold chain car box production line is the traditional crane hoisting method, installation station in a place, the process overlap, can only replace the operation, not suitable for assembly line operation." Shandong SIMANC Technology Co., LTD. Sales manager Li Jing, they specially developed 3 tons heavy-duty handling robot for the truck, the cold chain car box production process from the original 1 station to increase to 10 stations, workshop workers do not move, heavy-duty handling robot carrying the car box move, to achieve assembly line operation, efficiency has been improved more than 10 times. They also cooperated with Heze Yuluo Technology Co., LTD., developed the magnetic navigation AGV, magnetic navigation AGV can hang 5 trolley bucket at a time, do not use push, can save 4 manpower.


Shandong SIMANC, despite its recent establishment and small scale, has talent that hides dragons and hides tigers. Lin Lifeng, the company's general manager, is a PhD from Peking University, specializing in high-level talents in 5G communication. The company has also set up a research institute in Guangzhou, attracting professionals in hydraulics, machinery, electronics, software and communication to study machine vision, laser navigation, logistics equipment and control procedures. "The market prospects for intelligent handling robots and high-density automated three-dimensional warehouses are very good," Guo Dongjin said happily. The sales revenue of the company will exceed 30 million yuan this year."

(Reporting by Hu Keqian, client reporter for Dazhong Daily, Lu Guangshe)