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Why are more businesses using AGV? 6 benefits not many people know about yet

Labor costs are getting higher and higher, and the demand for automation in many manufacturing industries is becoming more and more urgent. The appearance of AGV robots can reduce labor intensity, reduce high labor costs, and make factory production logistics become more intelligent and automated.




Traditional forklift trucks and AGV are used to move materials. But there are still differences. Many people think that only large enterprises will use AGV robots. In fact, many small enterprises have also begun to introduce AGV automatic removal vehicles. We all know that the price of traditional forklift truck is cheaper than laser forklift truck AGV, why laser forklift truck AGV is more popular? In fact, there are many people do not know the 6 advantages of AGV. SIMANC today to introduce to you. 

1. Improve logistics management

 laser forklift AGV can make the goods placed in a more orderly, tidy and standard; Laser forklift AGV can accurately put all kinds of items neatly in the narrow space, exact; Leisurely pull in and out of the warehouse items, impartial. 

2. Complex handling

 laser forklift AGV not only in the simple point A to point B automatic handling, from the warehouse to the production workshop, complex routes and production processes, but also can be used freely, almost no manual intervention, can be used in almost all handling occasions. 

3.Laser forklift AGV with a high degree of intelligence

 can solve the material palletization of "automatic feeding", "moving", "transport", "lifting down", "automatic placing" and other actions completed at one time, without manual participation in the process, greatly improving automation and intelligence. 

4. Good flexibility

 laser forklift AGV can easily complete the turning even manual driving is laborious in the narrow space. Its driving path can be flexibly changed according to the storage space requirements, production process and other changes. 

5. It is more guaranteed

 that if it is the traditional forklift truck handling goods, the product will be damaged due to non-standard operation or negligence, but the laser forklift truck AGV path is very clear, and it will automatically stop when encountering obstacles, which greatly improves the safety. 

6. Special working environment

 laser forklift AGV can work in the environment where personnel do not adapt to or there are safety risks; It can solve the situation that traditional forklift trucks are difficult to operate in bad weather and dangerous environment, and can reduce exhaust gas and noise. 

Visible laser forklift AGV is becoming more and more popular, this is not for no reason, laser forklift AGV with 6 advantages make it slowly into the vision of many enterprises, more and more manufacturers will choose laser forklift AGV to improve efficiency.

SIMANC has been taking the international technical quality as the standard, starting from a high point, with the control technology of independent research and development, with the control and drive system of SIMANC, has developed, produced and sold a number of laser forklift AGV, at the same time can be customized development according to customer requirements. It has effectively liberated the labor force, improved the working conditions and environment, and improved the level of automated manufacturing and production.