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What transformation can smart handling AGV bring to traditional manufacturing?

The traditional manufacturing industry has problems such as low efficiency, high labor cost and increasing error rate. Industrial manufacturing field in the loading and unloading, handling of goods and other links to consume a lot of manpower and material resources. With the progress of science and technology, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent production has gradually become a reality, and began to popularize, as intelligent manufacturing and intelligent production representative of intelligent handling AGV, will bring what changes to our traditional manufacturing industry?




AGV intelligent handling robot can provide accurate and flexible material handling tasks, and multiple AGV can form a flexible logistics handling system. The handling route can be adjusted in time with the adjustment of the production process, and a variety of products can be produced on a production line, which greatly improves the flexibility of production and the competitiveness of enterprises.

AGV replace manual automation of material transportation, reducing human error, but also reduce the risk of workers. Towed AGV, for example, can haul loads weighing up to several tons with improved accuracy and significantly reduce the risk of manual handling of heavy equipment and finished products. Forklift AGV are equipped with forklift lifting mechanisms that lift, place, move, and stack pallets and pallet loads. Forklift AGV can replace experienced lift drivers and save labor costs. Heavy duty AGV are used to transport coils, ingots, molds and other heavy materials in the metal and paper industries.

Intelligent handling AGV are applied in mechanical processing, household appliance production, microelectronics manufacturing, cigarette and other industries. The production and processing industry is gradually becoming a more widely used field of intelligent handling AGV. Huali SIMANC handling robot has a variety of styles, suitable for the need for intelligent handling industry, Huali mechanical and electrical welcome you to call to visit the factory.