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What are the benefits of handling robots for the retail industry?

In recent years, there have been several structural trends in consumer demand in e-commerce, retail and 3PL logistics, leading to predictions of significant growth in the warehouse automation equipment sector. E-commerce needs to increase the adoption of warehouse automation solutions to control costs and reduce operational complexity. Online retail is fundamentally a logistics business, where profit points come from reduced inventory management costs, timely fulfillment of orders and having the ability to deliver.

The development of the retail market and the development of e-commerce and increasing labor costs are somewhat incompatible, the application of intelligent equipment to a large extent to improve the situation, especially the application of intelligent handling robots. Today, Shandong Huali Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. will come to you to talk about the benefits of the application of intelligent handling robots to the retail industry.




Scalable solutions deliver profit growth: Warehouse automation solutions are built for scale, provide higher volumes and more accurate order fulfillment at lower operating costs than manual setup, and increase profits by reducing delivery times and improving customer satisfaction.

Cost reduction and quality assurance: Warehouse automation solutions improve picking speed and throughput while reducing the labor costs associated with manual operations. Handling robots are independent of the labor market and can operate 24/7 without any overhead or training.

Online retail: Online grocery retail is characterized by high volume, low margin, storage and delivery often involving temperature-controlled supply chains. Warehouse automation is the perfect solution to this model, and order picking and fulfillment processes can be more cost effective, allowing retailers to have an edge on price and offer and deliver same-day delivery.

Increased efficiency: Reducing warehouse occupancy can save more space and reduce more operating costs. The space savings are mainly achieved through higher and more intensive storage. The reduction in operating costs comes from the reduced need for manual labor.

Effectiveness: Warehouse automation solutions improve service quality by shortening processes and reducing material acquisition errors. Accuracy of selection and improved speed of delivery of orders ensure reliability and efficiency of customer service.

Optimize operations: Warehouse automation solutions can be programmed to optimize for continuous improvement of processes such as dynamic storage, inventory management, and overnight movement of goods. Warehouse management software provides inventory cataloging and improves the end consumer's experience from connected and real-time data.

The application of intelligent equipment will promote the rapid development of the retail market represented by e-commerce. SIMANC handling robot is suitable for logistics industry, manufacturing industry, clothing industry and other industries that need intelligent handling of goods.