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What are the components of a smart Handling AGV?

1. Main structure

It consists of a frame and corresponding mechanical structure. The device is the base part of AGV trolley and the installation base of other components.

2. Electric storage and charging device

AGV uses 24V and 48V DC battery for power supply. The battery pack usually guarantees continuous operation of the AGV for more than 8 hours.

3 Drive the device

Composed of wheels, speed reducer, brake, drive motor and speed controller, it is the device to control the normal operation of AGV. The running instructions are issued by computer or manual control, and the running speed, direction and braking adjustment are controlled by computer. In order to be safe, the braking device is realized by mechanical braking mode when the power is off.

4, guide device

Receive the direction information of the guidance system, and realize the steering action of the guidance system.

5. Car controller

After receiving the instructions from the control center, when executing the corresponding instructions, it will timely feedback its own state (position, speed, etc.) to the control center.

6. Communication equipment

Realize the information exchange between AGV and ground control station and ground supervision equipment.

7, safety protection device

Including AGV self protection, personnel protection, equipment protection, etc.

8. Handling device

Direct contact with the handling of goods, the realization of goods transport device.




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